The East Coast

Sometimes your mind goes on a little journey called Deep Thought. There is quick deep and long deep. A quick deep thought is, photographs are forever only in the past, you take the click and it is instantly in the past. A long version of this is how far do you go into thinking about photographs and what they really are, start with, the moment it was photographed, it sits on piece of paper or in the digital world, the moment has passed but you still have a visual record of the past, exactly how it was. That idea that you couldn't travel back in time may be tested here. Or you simply take photographs enjoy it as an enjoyment or an art form and leave it at that. This photograph was inspired by the idea of simply thinking it would look wicked to have ladders coming out of the ocean with a bunch of people climbing them. This idea can be expanded, which it will, in time to come. Deep thought can be fun sometimes.