Coin-Flip a Street

For some when I say 'coins have two sides' they will stop reading at this point and slip into a rabbit hole of incredible awakening. For the others they will read on. I've began a game of two sided street photography.
It's simple.

You take a photograph of someone and then you have to take another photograph of the person from the other side, 180 degrees around. Now whilst this sounds like a simple task, it can be a tactical nightmare. Human's change there mind on a pretty regular basis, combine this with the mentality of busy city strollers, you have an ever changing phenomenon of indecisiveness. This also applies for other elements, such as buildings, lamps and all; the difference is that once you get to the other side of the building your pretty certain it's not going to flips it's face around on you and aim the people inside North. What does come out of it is a keen eye on reflective surfaces and stalking skills. This is the first round, with many more to come. Oh and first round means a lot of losing the game and getting one angle.