Sydney (with a little coin-flip)

If I said this toaster costs $29
that one is $59
and that metal guy is $99
Which one would you go for?

A conversation the other day resulted in the belief that most would go for the middle price. It's not the worst and it's not the most expensive.
A photographer $1800
or $2500
or $6000

Assumptions would say $6000 will give you the most and the best photographs whilst $1800 is not experienced and just bought the thing. Not at all would we think that the person shooting for $1800 has a mansion and a happy life and is one of the best in their fields and just wants to offer his skills to the not so wealthy...... haha preaching or what.
I'm not saying I drive a Porsche and have a butler like Mr. Sheffield from 'the nanny named Fran', but I certainly feel like I sometimes miss out on jobs because I don't quote enough and I get slotted into the lower end, therefore must not be as experienced or cannot offer as good a service as the others. Just a thought. I would have bought the $59 toaster.

Now that the mind dance is over I have been in Sydney for a few days +1 because of our good friend getting angry in Chile and sending his ash this way. Walking the streets is always fun here, because you become rather observant, so much so that you look back on some photographs and think, 'what exactly did I think was interesting enough to take that shot?'
I often find myself photographing things in Sydney that have stories attached to them. An entanglement of shoes around an electricity wire at some point had one, if not multiple, stories attached. Why did they throw them there, did they have another pair of shoes in a bag, were they sad when they threw them or had one-to-many bottles of our good friend alcohol. The possibilities are endless, that's why I enjoy it so much.