Splendour In The Grass

Picture this,

Grab a silver tea spoon of dust, the horse trampled type, lift it to your mouth... turn to your friend whilst their screaming at the beats dropped by the Kaiser Chiefs, deep breath, and blow!

Welcome to Splendour.

Whilst dust was a permanent resident in our mouths, it was but one element of the most incredible festival that made it what it was. Summer lens flare, winter fires all night and the constant sound of music. Take it away Julie Andrews...

For those that have not seen the line-up it stretched the pizza dough from The Jezabels to Kanye West to the pineapple of Blue Juice, through the eyelid of Gotye, Guineafowl, Cold Play, Kelle, the Mars Volta, Thievery Corporation, and the christmas wish list goes on.

One of my favourite moments was standing with my mate in the limbs of hundreds watching The Middle East and a girl in front of us was riding the dust cloud. She turns to us and smiles, we return the warmth and she says in the vocals of an Australian girl, 'you guys are like statues'. My friend politely replies pointing to the stage, 'yeah the music is up there, we're trying to watch the show'. She looks like she got a lolly pop slap to her face and defensively says, 'I'm just trying to be social'.

I'm all for socialising especially when trying to scream over Cut Copies ear blowing vibrations. Always the best timing to have a chat.

Whilst I would like to share every experience I had with you all, it would simply be too many photographs and too many shapes, which are letters and letters which make words and words that are separated by space to create a form of communication. So here are a few clicks.