Big Sound

Brisbane is a small city.

Simple as that. On the scale of most things calculating a city size it's tipping the Libra scales like a thunder stone to the small side.
This is not a bad thing though, and I'm not saying that in the position of a man that defends his small willy by arguing that, 'it's how you use it'... I'll leave that to the small willies to defend.

Brisbane has more to offer then you can fit on your A3 calendar laying uselessly on your desktop. Like most places in the world, you have to find it, or be the person that gets found, then there is not a night to rest, a day to waste or a size to defend.

BIG SOUND was on for 2 nights, 70 bands, which means a lot of music for those that excelled in all areas non mathematical.
The one 'Moses' moment I had of realisation that night.... hang on a sec spell check has underlined REALISATION for me, it wants me to put a Z.... realization that night was, I am glad I don't have a boss breathing down my neck with his coffee stained teeth and unhappy butt cheeks that spend their days pressed between a cheap leather chair and his testicles. Nope. No one to stupidly say, 'get "that" shot that shows the artist singing in front of the microphone from a 45 degree angle below him/her because viewers of the papers didn't already know that people were singing at a music festival. Into microphones.

The people who always hook me up at music festivals think outside the cardboard and I'm grateful I can take photographs for them. Thank you for not talking to close to me with your coffee carbon dioxide.