A toy truck... has nothing to do with this blog entry.

I remember watching imagery flashing on a television and audio muffling out of speakers because they were turned up so loud that each decibel was fighting to get out of those little holes at the same hand of the clock. The reason I had it up so loud was to feel like I was part of the action... the man speaking the words that were along the lines of, 'every great nation...' blah blah rise and fall like Niagara. I think the idea was about nations growing to a scale of Babylon and crumbling like the pie that came out of your mum's oven and hit the ground.... I just lost my express train of thought because of some drums and guitars making noise next to me....

           back to it.

The link I'm evidently going to make is that like nations, so goes the life of an 'idea'.

I started an idea with my friend called 'The Walking Man' A series of blog entries that followed photographs of this guy in different locations with different objects. It was up to the eye balls of others to connect with their fingers and write a story corresponding with the images. The best story was to win a free wedding shoot for their good selves or a friend indeed. Originally it was going to be 8 entries to complete a full story.. here is the twist....

We're over the walking man so we're letting it go early.
The comp now is to pick one entry (look in the past) and write something about that entry to win.

You have 7 days to do this then it closes. Here is a hint, no one has written anything yet so there is a good chance you will win.


Rest in peace walking idea.