I took my camera to an island

The picture starts with two white rabbits... both of which have far more intricate detailing to that of our good friend Alice's Wonderland. When you leave the mainland the thought of being alone can come to a game of cards with bluffers, folders, and new cheese. I am new cheese tilting to bluffer when it comes to island knowledge. There are no coconuts that supply a Hollywood supply of food. Nup. Wedges and sour cream from our good locally produced multi billion dollar hairy chested woolworth pals. Along with freshly picked vegetables from the stock fridge. It sounds like I'm having a stab at our apple logo green signed fresh food people... I am... a stab with a finely carved samurai weapon like Tom Cruise in The Last Samurai. That said 'they' are probably why I am still typing and breathing so they can't be that bad.

A massive storm hit the island on the Saturday night and lets say for those landscape photographers out there, this 'global warming' jazz (I'm not taking sides of it being real fact from our good friends that farm cows and tell us about cows, compared to our fresh food friends) I'm just pointing out that these weather patterns will produce a pretty amazing record of what's happening during this century, and lets face it, I'm a bit over the wooden row boat on a motionless lake with mountains in the background... (another Cruise weapon).

Point of all this pathetic wooden puzzle is...being on an island can have some impressive features.