A friend of mine is so convincing sometimes that he can just about say anything and I'd believe him.
That was until we crossed over from toy trucks to hairy gorilla chests. Now when I catch him saying something in a certain way I accuse him of having his own personal fact book.

The reason I'm telling you this is because I've got a couple of 'facts' that many people probably agree with so I guess that becomes a proper fact right?

No idea but:

Fact: Jinja Safari were playing in Byron on the weekend.
Fact: Marcus' lyrics (the lead guitarist and main writer) are exceptional and are probably not fully grasped until you read the words and cross notes with other bands and see that 'she had a beautiful face' to describe something does not appear here.
Fact: Pepa Knight can jump
Fact: Jinja Safari ain't in it for the rat race.