Monster Children Photography Competition

Monster Children had a comp. Usually my thoughts towards competitions are like your grade 11 art class, you present something you did, and somewhat like, and your teacher shoots it down with a metal pipe and a bullet. Competitions are the same, a couple of judges sitting down with 'Desert Eagles' on their laps waiting to end the life of a shot, because really you probably wont use it again. It's dead.
This comp however felt a little different, the Desert Eagles were in their laps but they shot good images and bad and the outcome was a handfull of elite photographs. I got shortlisted for one photo but I saw the end of the pipe eventually. Congrats to the winners, they were all well deserved and can be viewed at their website:

These were my submissions. 

Travel Corona (shortlisted)

Travel Corona (Another Entry)

Music Casio G Shock

Student MC (As I'm still trying to listen to teachers)

Action Volley

Girls Neuw Denim (No photoshop just a lot of 'tradies' around)

Lifestyle Glu Store

(I want to write a separate blog for the Lifestyle entry in the coming days, so no image for now)