Sometimes you stumble across an amazing photograph or you wake up on the side of the bed that only has happy written on it and all you want to do is use a camera. You feel unstoppable, you feel you can take a photo of a piece of white paper in a white room and make it beautiful. It's all going great, you jump in the car and you got your mates who would take to the highway in a 110km zone on their skates (next blog) and you head for the hills. The weather changes. Rain hits.
This is good, get some sun gleaming through lighting up a little tree in an empty dry field. Or maybe a big dark cloud in the background of dark clump of pine trees.
Or a 64 cow and friends.
The problem with thinking of a photo that you have no control over is that you only look for 1 thing, that photo. Instead of seeing it rain and thinking in your big head, lets see what the rain does to the setting...
Ok getting a bit off track.
This is Cow 64 and the Top C parade.