India roof scenes can tell so many different stories. Yes we have had the photography gurus in the past tell us that a picture should/does tell a thousand words, or a good photo evokes something and so on... my latest favourite is that 'a good photograph is like a good joke if you have to explain it, it just isn't that good'.
Sometimes people you share a joke with don't get it, initially, maybe they missed something...sometimes the people you show a photograph, just don't get it either, at first.
That aside this isn't a Denzel W. Great Debate. But the moment I started to really look at these photographs I saw so many different stories being told. At first I didn't think much of these jokes but now I've looked a bit closer and it's gone past looking at it as a photograph and into the realm of a short Dickens story book.

If I can find a story in a photograph I love it, others love photographs for other elements. Whatever works for you is perfect.