Snow... now I love

When I first experienced the cold as a child I was not what you call 'a kid in a lolly pop shop', I didn't like it. Growing up in the warm mountains of Australia, I learnt that clothing was not necessary most of the year. Coming back to a cold climate many, many, years later with thoughts from childhood was a slap in the face, the kind of slap from a big lady's hand across the cheek which stings the words 'forget preconceived ideas'. In fact leaving Whistler, the second home for Australian's it seems, I was sad to see the snow filled mountains and cold wind behind me. Of course I didn't walk around stark naked, but once you've worn your layers for a short amount of time, you feel naked within the confines of the fabric wrapped around your body. At the end of the day you have a shelter and a fire, that's the place to get back to childhood habits, but I'll stop there before I ruine your day.
I didn't take a lot of photographs up here, my hand enjoyed the jacket pockets to much, and my mouth, the taste of very good food.