1 day

Many people have danced the tongue tango of how life can change in a matter of seconds, hours, days etc.
It is very true that some mornings, when your eyelids slowly open, you feel completely inspired, time to take on the world, time to start all those projects you wanted to start, time to hit the target and dunk that clown into the water.

A few hours into the day you may feel as though you are on the railway line, right on course, tasks are all peachy and propelling forward, like the Titanic. Some days this is how it goes right up until the shutters on your eyes slowly close, like your garage door where your Audi is parked, but in this case it's your brain.
Some days this doesn't happen, inspired turns to a plain bread roll with no jam and you realise it's not the day you thought it might be. Other days something changes so drastically that it shifts your mind for a long time. Point to all this...? Maybe.

Most of the time these Tango sessions end with you feeling as though you may as well give anything a shot, because so much can happen in one day. Imagine what you can change or achieve in 7 whole days... or 31. Or 365/366...3650 days....That's 3650 chances at something else if the 2649 before sucked.

This morning I woke up because a friend wanted to photograph the sunrise...something I haven't seen in a long time...At least not out of bed. This was a simple day but inspiring day.

| Byron Bay |