A Fruit Tree Outside My Window

When you wake up and look outside your window, what do you see?

It's an interesting thought, if you see trees, do you spend most of your time thinking of nature?
If you see clay brick walls, do you spend most of your time enjoying the streets of some larger picture? The city.
I had a thought that maybe what you see outside your window is potentially what you will see a lot of that day. I then realised that waking up in the mountains with a fruit tree outside probably wont follow your skin as it accelerates towards the clay bricks.
The thought of walking down the streets of a city and picking apples off 'wild' apple trees, whilst swinging your shoulder bag full with books around before hearing your name being shouted by some little local cadet who wants to know some of your wise knowledge...is pretty rare, but a thought non-the-less.
Or imagine a fence outside your window, and you spent a day trying to peer over fences figuring out what is behind them...only to find a little more mystery.
For now fruit trees outside the wooden window frame will do the trick.
At least I have a window to look outside of.

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