I like the story of a leather shoe maker with a sign hanging on chains outside his door.

I like the story of fabric weavers smiling with their white teeth in watery fields of green blades.

I like the story of old, delicate human beings owning antique shops, which have objects priced so high that very few items leave the shop, but they can trick themselves into letting go.

I like stories of love, where most 'MEN' would pretend not to, because it shows too much emotion for the many people not watching.

I like people who can sit under trees and read oversized books all day long before riding home into the orange sunset and making a salad from their garden to serve to friends on an old wooden table with candles.

I like walking down the same street and seeing something you missed before. Imagine how many streets there are in the world to do that on.

This morning I was reminded of all the things I like because of 4 things I saw.

| Brisbane |