A few years ago I was in Germany working on a vineyard.
It was spring and all the Germans were waking up from their winter slumber, or more accurately, winter benders. Like most places that get cold, drinking inside little hidden restaurants or bars down, not only cobble stone alleyways, but underneath them too, is their version of polar bear hibernation.

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The wine cellars were full of timber barrels, people were all over the streets, beautiful girls riding across town on their bikes with their spring colours flapping in the wind, music everywhere... it was a scene that was a dream at the time, because the actual setting was slightly different. It was cosy but Spring was colder then their winter, but with the added bonus of rain. Twisting vines around wire in the wind, rain and cold was as far from pretty women as we could have possibly been.

However as time passed, things did warm up. I found myself wondering the hills amongst the vines and eating some sort of wild growing salad that South Germany is known for. Sipping down some bread and wine in the garden of my Uncle and Aunties cottage which reminded me of an old painting (except for the satellite dish).

I managed to find some contentment.

For some reason today I thought of this time... that was enough to post a few photographs.

An old seat
A house in the hills
A renaissance picture
A view down

| Esslingen, Germany |