Brisbane | Change

When you walk through the streets and you find shadows are empty and the sun is full.

Something is changing.

This is not in the evil vs good or heaven vs hell sense, it is an observation. When you notice the smell of different foods coming from every house you ride past and you can pick who follows Jamie Oliver and who reads the local food section in the paper.

Something is changing.

When you crawl into bed and you find yourself...just yourself and it's a little colder.

Something is changing.

That change is simply Winter.

People walk in the sunshine to stay warm instead of the shadows, the smells in the air become so distinct because the air is so crisp, and your bed is a little colder because sometimes there is only one body and not two and this stands out in the cold.

For someone who does not like having clothing on my body, I used to find this time of the year hard to get through. Now I enjoy the fabrics covering my body and all the changes that come and go.