Ink and paper for the creation of words. Pixels and blogs... It's just not as poetically romantic... So how do we create the same intimacy with Internet inks and pieces of data paper?

Do you have to print the words off or write them out yourself, order a latte and tell the barista to fill the cup creating certainty in spillage disaster?

Is it the element of sticky tape on the corner of  images and deliberate messy childlike writing with scribbles that need to be present?

Why is it that tapping letters are not as beautiful as gripping a pencil and scratching them?

The answer...

I don't have of course...

But I like tapping letters and filling the web with pixels of my own thoughts. I think it matters where I write and not what instrument I use in the orchestra.

I wrote this in bed with a heater, music and a candle in a jar.

Photographs... If I feel that way about words don't even get me started on photographs... I simply cannot, pencil or pixel, write enough to come close to feeling.

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