Ink and paper for the creation of words. Pixels and blogs... It's just not as poetically romantic... So how do we create the same intimacy with Internet inks and pieces of data paper?

Do you have to print the words off or write them out yourself, order a latte and tell the barista to fill the cup creating certainty in spillage disaster?

Is it the element of sticky tape on the corner of  images and deliberate messy childlike writing with scribbles that need to be present?

Why is it that tapping letters are not as beautiful as gripping a pencil and scratching them?

The answer...

I don't have of course...

But I like tapping letters and filling the web with pixels of my own thoughts. I think it matters where I write and not what instrument I use in the orchestra.

I wrote this in bed with a heater, music and a candle in a jar.

Photographs... If I feel that way about words don't even get me started on photographs... I simply cannot, pencil or pixel, write enough to come close to feeling.

2 Photographs


A Fruit Tree Outside My Window

When you wake up and look outside your window, what do you see?

It's an interesting thought, if you see trees, do you spend most of your time thinking of nature?
If you see clay brick walls, do you spend most of your time enjoying the streets of some larger picture? The city.
I had a thought that maybe what you see outside your window is potentially what you will see a lot of that day. I then realised that waking up in the mountains with a fruit tree outside probably wont follow your skin as it accelerates towards the clay bricks.
The thought of walking down the streets of a city and picking apples off 'wild' apple trees, whilst swinging your shoulder bag full with books around before hearing your name being shouted by some little local cadet who wants to know some of your wise pretty rare, but a thought non-the-less.
Or imagine a fence outside your window, and you spent a day trying to peer over fences figuring out what is behind them...only to find a little more mystery.
For now fruit trees outside the wooden window frame will do the trick.
At least I have a window to look outside of.

| The Mountains |



I love this place.
They are ahead of other cultures in many areas but they will always be behind in time. New Years eve is still to come, whilst my fellow amigos in Aus are already sleeping-in from a night of heel clicking and loud noises.
On that note, here are 3 images for the new year and time for me to go and do the above.

Cloudy Morning

Crispy eyes in the morning open up and if you're not one to shut the blinds and plunge yourself into permanent darkness, then you are the sort of person that looks outside to check if it's cloudy or clear.
This is probably one of the first things many of us breathing species do. This then lays down the ceramic tiles for potentially the rest of the day. Now I wont categorise myself as one who opens his eyes and on a clear day will be peaches and custard tart and on a cloudy day, think what's the point of getting up. It's a bit of a mixed game, if you will be travelling before sun is up or whilst sun slips down then I, and probably 90% of photographers, prefer the cloud. Why. Well it's 90% more interesting then a happy day. This is only one situation. If you're about the shoot a wedding and you wake up with cloud, dark clouds, the thought is still probably awesome, because you'll get the bride slipping over in the happy mud whilst you click comfortably under an umbrella. If you're shooting any subject that requires clear skies then naturally you roll over in bed and groan at the thought of cloud. It's not science and I'm certainly no Albert as this has been discussed many a dinner times.

This was a cloudy day and this was the last chance I could pull over to get a shot of this scene. So I did.


If you like camping go and do more of it. If you don't that's alright.
Nothing deep about that.
The great thing about having family that live at the base of an uninhabited mountain range is, you walk until you find a spot you like and you can guarantee that no one is going to sneak up on your campsite whilst you dance around the fire stark naked... Just treating the wildlife to a show.

Just a couple from an extraordinary spot.