When I was a younger lad... I wrote.
I loved writing, I also loved maths and thought I'd maybe be the one young male to change nerds from useless to gods of a school...Hollywood beat me to it in the end so I decided to ditch all of it and go for the next dreams I had... Be a star gate traveller, become a rich mans apprentice, find my hidden power of flight... non of them really ever worked out. Star Gate was Hollywood, rich men were not teaching and I never had the guts to jump off mountains to really test my flying ability.

The point of all this... not sure, after all I decided to give up writing, and thought a point might manifest.

We have Eckhart Tolle telling us to live in the now.
We have our minds which have been trained to think of the future thus giving Eckhart's theory the boot and we have the ability to enjoy every day we can....

It's all getting too deep and meditative now but I've decided not to delete this entry and start again as a record of some sort of point in time when I started to question some things in my mind and try make sense by beginning to type.

Well I still love photographs more than almost anything in the world and that's all to do with the past. Maybe I love the past... well all the good parts...

That's enough

2 shots
A place like no other

The Quick One Two

Before leaving the country I was going to photograph the details which slip past the window as the mountains grow closer. I've always been a bit reluctant because lets face it, when we're rolling at 100km/h+ it feels like an inconvenience to have to pull over and take a photographs....again and again and again...
As it was raining this last visit, I decided to pull over a few times and shoot at the split moment between the wipers being in the shot and the rain blurring the image... not sure if it was achieved really.

For now more beauty in the rain.


Sometimes you stumble across an amazing photograph or you wake up on the side of the bed that only has happy written on it and all you want to do is use a camera. You feel unstoppable, you feel you can take a photo of a piece of white paper in a white room and make it beautiful. It's all going great, you jump in the car and you got your mates who would take to the highway in a 110km zone on their skates (next blog) and you head for the hills. The weather changes. Rain hits.
This is good, get some sun gleaming through lighting up a little tree in an empty dry field. Or maybe a big dark cloud in the background of dark clump of pine trees.
Or a 64 cow and friends.
The problem with thinking of a photo that you have no control over is that you only look for 1 thing, that photo. Instead of seeing it rain and thinking in your big head, lets see what the rain does to the setting...
Ok getting a bit off track.
This is Cow 64 and the Top C parade.