If Stephanie and Matthew made a list of how to create a memorable event, I believe it would look something like this.

one: It must be a four day affair, not one.

two: Invite about eighty of our closest comrades.

three: The celebration should take place in a friend’s villa amongst the lavender hills near Oppedette, in the stony landscape of Provence, France.

four: Excursions, food and drink will be primary focus.

five: Spread lavender all over the property so the finest perfume is released when folks walk over the flowers.

six: Give the lads champagne bottles before the ceremony - this way they’ll attempt to cool their necks and faces by turning the bottles habitually, resulting in an accidental explosion of liquid over each other.

seven: Don’t go to bed.

eight: As the four days near an end, relax by the pool for the last part and finish with a feast to remember.

nine: Dig a moat around the property and defend against anyone who tries to invade. 

ten: Live happily ever after in the lavender hills of southeastern France.