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“We didn't want to put emphasis on ourselves so we decided not to celebrate our wedding, but to celebrate Wedding of The Sun. It's an event often described in Latvian folk songs and stories. It’s actually called "wedding of the daughter/s of the sun" or Heavenly Wedding, but Wedding of The Sun sounded shorter and better in Latvian. The story talks about the morning star "Auseklis" who wanders off to look for the daughters of The Sun.

We made up our interpretation of the story to give our guests a quest. They received a letter from The Sunsaying that all her daughters got lost in the forest at sunrise that morning. Auseklis was comming to Liepene that evening so the guests had to find them. The guests then went on the trail and along the way picked up the white circles. Later in the evening as The Sun set we decorated the tree with the white circles, that symbolised the daughters, so Auseklis can find them easily.” Toms