Rad Adelaide

Rad Ad (as learnt from a beautiful local girl living elsewhere) is a place with plenty of little bits and tricks and a shit load of festivals all year around. This shoot began with a friend wondering into an open warehouse and was stopped suddenly by a young lad with a gun, gazing at her in what seemed like an unfriendly manner. Not the arrest me for fire arms sort of gun, instead the playful slug gun, powerful enough to rid the pigeons resting their feathers above, whilst their shit rested below. The young gentlemen then realised he had the gun and quick tried to hide the lanky long item behind his back before apologising. He turned out to be a very generous living human being who offered another empty warehouse, which hadn't been cleaned out yet of the poo droppers, for a click shoot. At the end of the day it was a warehouse shoot, but a shit load of fun.