The Coast

What sort of brush do you use?
We live in a moment where memory creates time and thought creates future... don't worry this won't go into a philosophical exploration about life, instead it is a short observation, in words, about the link in most things expressive.
If you paint you pick a tool, a paint brush, pencil, anything, it is a form of art and it's subjective if you do it for peoples viewing. You can paint things you see and give a real interpretation of what you are painting, or you can put your spin or imagination on it 'manipulate' it, or simply get inspired and paint something that has a reaction but looks as though it has no connection. The point of this is to create a link from this form of art to photography. You have a choice, you photograph something and give a 'true' representation of what is being photographed, or you tweak it slightly (photoshop) to suggest how you want it to be viewed, how you feel it should be; or completely manipulate it to the point where what you photographed was purely inspiration for something else in your mind. It is often said that a photograph looks to fake, it doesn't look fake, it is simply different to the real as can be a painting. Photography is an art form, almost like anything else in life, it can all be..... you get where this is heading. If you don't like a piece of art, move on and forget it, find something you do like, or create something you like. There is not a lot of point saying how bad something is, it's often a form of jealousy or some equation close to that. Enjoyment is fulfilling.
The new tool that found it's way onto the camera for this week is a Tilt-Shift lens. No need to get into the technicalities of what that they are not completely necessary; instead it is a brush which opens another way of photographing...