The Creek

Isn't it a good feeling when you can find someone in your life who eliminates the things that don't matter and which you spend so much time braining about? Most people, whether they like to admit it, care what other people think of them to some gas hot plate degree. Pretend to be this or check the hair in a motionless puddle on the road... this isn't a new theory. Just like the reality of someone being in your life who changes so many things about your life is not a theory, it's the warm soft truth. When this person falls/jumps/leaps/climbs/appears/fights/swims/wrestles/casually walks their way into your life you become a little soft turkey, only to them, and you have a little world with them that no one else can enter or be part of, but you can both be part of the world that everyone else is in at the same time. The kids end of the pool sort of thinking stops, you do things for yourself, and your partner accepts everything you do and only offers advice and guidance for bettering your experiences. Forget the hair, wipe that Myer smudge off your good head, because at this point in life you can do things for you and realise life is not about pleasing others...don't get this confused with doing things for others.... I found my girl who makes me feel like jumping in the puddles so there is no clear reflection, who you can wake up and kiss and sit with, without needing to impress (if the urge bubbles for the need to impress, a couple of table tennis tournaments will do the trick).... It's the first time I'll speak using I in my blog because it is my feelings now and not an observation. This is her down at our creek in the mountains.