Coin-Flip a Street

A human walking in the street with a camera that even looks like they know what they're doing, becomes a target. You are looked upon by others as though you have a hero piece of tabouli in your teeth that wont let go or a bird laid it's eggs on your head and you haven't felt it yet. The difference is people don't look at you with a smirk, they look at you with fear, frustration, and anything negative you can pull out of the magicians hat. Perhaps it is the same people that read the paper every day and hear about everything bad in the world, including anything related to photographers. They assume the worst and you become hated. Pop the camera in your bag and you're another human being, take it out and you're a photographer with bad intensions. By having a camera in hand, you are labelling yourself and you no longer blend in with all the other shirts and trousers. Trying the Coin-Flip concept today resulted in a woman getting so uncomfortable in the side of my camera lens that she covered her face with her hand and very obviously turned away from the camera (she wasn't the subject I was after by the way). This even pushed her to talk to a complete stranger (very dangerous indeed) and nervously mumble 'is he taking a photo of me? Is he taking a photo of you?" (funny that most people assume a photographer is deaf because they have a camera in front of their face). Suddenly the other person who was also NOT the subject of my shot hid behind a pole. In the end 3 people ran for their lives and that one woman who started it all, got up and left... I did get a quick one of her as she walked off.... I'm sure there are many street photographers who experience this all the time, and everyone has different approaches that are best for different reasons. At the end of the day I photograph because an interesting scene or character has been spotted by my two hazel eyeballs and I want to share it, or remember it. For some this is invasion of their space in a public place.
Some shots were just one angle treats.
Coin-flip is starting to get more thought and hopefully down the line some interesting moments will appear.