Live in the Sky

We often describe text messages as going off into limbo or up into the clouds as data and then coming back to earth into the other persons phone. This morning when I swung my legs out of bed I experienced a stuck text.

As I walked over the treetop bridge towards the gate, my eyes spotted something in the sky. This particular morning someone was obviously sending a text message to a human who was out of range and thus resulted in the text being stuck in the sky. The text was LIVE. This did not only appear once, there was an earlier version which was becoming a fluffy blur, clearly the person sending the text didn't get a reply from the companion out of range, so they sent another. Two stuck in the sky.

As there was no other words following this, I take it that it is the LIVE that means 'Live life' not 'live music'. There is the old saying of 'live a little' when your friend is telling you to pull up your legs, whilst you sit on a 3 year-old's tricycle on top of a steep hill with a blind fold across your eyes and a cheap pair of cardboard wings extending from your back. I say LIVE a lot, so much so that you jump aboard the 'Living' meteor heading to Earth and when it crashes it explodes in a global way in which you live life to the absolute fullest and largest possible extent you humanly can. This doesn't mean LIVE a lot and blow all your family savings on an all-in bluff during a game of Texas Hold'em. It is much simpler then that to live to the fullest. When you want to dance on the street, do it, it's only the thought of others that will stop you, embarrassment is for another blog entry altogether. Book that plane ticket, buy that jar of jelly beans, you name it.

This is a nice thing to be reminded as you go for your morning walk in the winter cool, your mind is reMINDed to LIVE whilst your body is waking up to the footstep movements of your legs. This is something I always forget and I'm sure I'm not the only creature. LIVE the hell out of each day and bring a friend along for the ride.