The Friendship....Friend - Ship

There are a lot of books out there with the title 'love' or 'friendship' or 'laughter'. They contain cute little images of a young boy licking a girls ice cream whilst we realise she is letting him have some of hers because his choc-chip scoop is melting on the sidewalk. Possibly you will see a photo of two people who have been around for many seasons with wrinkly wise old skin having a laugh or having a little teethes smooch.

I love these, I hope I am smooching at 92years old and laughing wheezes of air from my tired old lungs.

I do however believe that there are many more things that get missed in theses types of books. Take for example the 'Walking Man' story. Although we planned to do the second sequence of the story, the rain and wind had it's only little thought pattern. Unfortunately water and cameras are not the best mix, unless you have housing for it. So in this circumstance what does a friend do? Grabs a towel, sits in the passenger seat and commands 'drive'. After 10 minutes and a failed attempt at chasing birds we find a field. A muddy, uninhabited, bacteria infested field.
'Brother jump out in the cold rain and run around in the field for a bit the backdrop looks awesome!'. After a moment of laughter my friend realises I am serious. He jumps out as I sit in the car with my big lens pointed his way and follows my instructions. As a friend and a sign of friendship he goes all out, throwing himself horizontal into the air and landing face first into the mud fest. In all the hustle, he stumbles across an old bicycle and attempts to go back to his childhood of pavements and ice creams.

That's a photo shoot for a friendship book.