Weather Station

The weather station is something all human beings love to tune into. That is their own station whilst they broadcast it to another breathing animal when conversation gets stuck. other times it's just because we like to talk about the things that are in front of us. Cold winds, drops of rain, perfect sunshine. The thing that these all have in common are the category we put them under... weather... for some reason it's the sunshine that we love the most and the rain that we sarcastically say to the post office lady 'awesome day out side' as you drip water onto her freshly stamped counter.
I love the rain, but warm rain, so you can run around getting drenched and kicking up the mud. Cold rain is great to, you shiver to the dog bone and then crawl into the warm knitted blanket your grandma made, during the rain!.... you see now I'm talking about the weather.

Enjoy the click.