The Walking Man (Part iii)

For the folk just tuning in, read the whole thing to know the details of the comp. Otherwise the rest know what to do. Enjoy the clicks and story making.

The walking man began as a project which consisted of a series of photographs showing a story, a story which is written by the viewers. Today is the next part of the story but with a competition and a winner.

The winner will have themselves a wedding photography gift voucher worth $2500 to use on their own wedding or a friends etc. The voucher includes an entire day, from the brides waking blink to jumping back into the pillows at the end of the night and 10 free photographs on disk. If they want more then 10 it will come from their cotton pockets as well as albums.... but they don't have to if they're happy with 10 clicks from their wedding.

This does not include travel costs, eg big metal jets...

So the way it works, look back to the entries of April 11th and 4th of July titled 'the story' & Walking Man this will be the starting point for you to write. There will be a total of 8 entries (this being the third) to which you (the viewer) needs to write a story too. Sense of time is up to you, whether one flows to the next or there is a gap of months in between, your call. Send your entries each time a new section of the story is blogged.

The other option is you wait until the 8th entry and then you will have 1 week to enter the whole Bastian Balthazar Bux...the never ending STORY.

It's pretty simple but like many things in life it can be over thought so just flick an email to me and I'll fire up a response.

Now write.