A Lesson on Picking Her Up (the camera that is)

It's happened to all of us at some peculiar moment, you stand there in another country or foreign place, sometimes two streets from your usual familiarity or perhaps whilst your waiting for the super fast council workers to clear the road ahead, so you can follow the dirt track a little further. During these circumstances it is possible that you see something that your Yin mind says grab the camera and take a shot and your Yang screams, ' are you kidding it means you have to unbuckle the seat belt, open the car door, wiz pop the boot open, unzip the camera bag, take it out of its nest, climb back in the car, take the cap off the camera, wind down the passenger window, change the settings to match the subject, and then take the photo'.

Not to mention, what if the council workers are fast for once and the traffic starts to move, how angry will the guy driving the red Audi behind you get, because you're holding him up and his mind starts thinking, 'that camera clown is costing me a whole two second, which I don't have'. Tooot! goes the red engine like a kids program where the cars talk to each other.

I listened to the Yin side and grabbed her and took this little shot. After all that thought with mr. Yang the council workers were their usual slow, the kids program didn't happen, and I got the shot in a total of about 5 wooden clock seconds. Although the shot doesn't show the wind blowing through the grass or the feeling of the cold winter breeze whipping through windows. The lesson I learnt was to take the photograph. Then have fun mind arguing with your Yang half.