So I was having a verbal exchange with this beautiful girl about the past and future. The usual circumstances for this type of conversation to spring to life would be, lying on a mouldy mattress under the specks of light in the charcoal sky with a block of cad berry, a camp fire, a tent for two, and some tunes from the iPod....'gonna fly to the moon and back if you'll be....'

Not to get specific.... but this particular time was over Skype at 5am in the morning.

Back to the wooden point.

This sparked a little thought about some photographs I did with a couple of friends in an antique shop and the thought was, 'why do we put a triple digit price tag so easily on 'old' items, as well as the meaningful value?

Sadly this blog text will not come to any conclusions, but provoke thought about it for maybe 10 seconds of your life...or more.

I like the 'thought' of buying a kettle from some old woman who had a husband that used it to make a hot green tea in the trenches during the war of the 1930s and 40s. The tea won't directly taste better, but it will make the cup of hot water a little more meaningful, instead of throwing down some boiled fluid from an LG kettle.