Live in the Sky

We often describe text messages as going off into limbo or up into the clouds as data and then coming back to earth into the other persons phone. This morning when I swung my legs out of bed I experienced a stuck text.

As I walked over the treetop bridge towards the gate, my eyes spotted something in the sky. This particular morning someone was obviously sending a text message to a human who was out of range and thus resulted in the text being stuck in the sky. The text was LIVE. This did not only appear once, there was an earlier version which was becoming a fluffy blur, clearly the person sending the text didn't get a reply from the companion out of range, so they sent another. Two stuck in the sky.

As there was no other words following this, I take it that it is the LIVE that means 'Live life' not 'live music'. There is the old saying of 'live a little' when your friend is telling you to pull up your legs, whilst you sit on a 3 year-old's tricycle on top of a steep hill with a blind fold across your eyes and a cheap pair of cardboard wings extending from your back. I say LIVE a lot, so much so that you jump aboard the 'Living' meteor heading to Earth and when it crashes it explodes in a global way in which you live life to the absolute fullest and largest possible extent you humanly can. This doesn't mean LIVE a lot and blow all your family savings on an all-in bluff during a game of Texas Hold'em. It is much simpler then that to live to the fullest. When you want to dance on the street, do it, it's only the thought of others that will stop you, embarrassment is for another blog entry altogether. Book that plane ticket, buy that jar of jelly beans, you name it.

This is a nice thing to be reminded as you go for your morning walk in the winter cool, your mind is reMINDed to LIVE whilst your body is waking up to the footstep movements of your legs. This is something I always forget and I'm sure I'm not the only creature. LIVE the hell out of each day and bring a friend along for the ride.

In a Bamboo Cave

The story that began last week will continue, life has proven to drive into the highway mode of fast tracking other events. Basically it means the next part hasn't been photographed yet. On another note however we are going to turn this into a competition, more details will be given in the next few weeks but stay tuned.

In the mean this bamboo forest requires constant movement as the enormous grass grows over you because of our mutual friend the mosquito.

a storY

The great thing with a story is you can make all the imagery yourself. Flip that. Give someonethe images and let them create the story.
This could work.
You can also create the images of what happens between each photograph.

Let me offer you this for the first part of a continuous story:

An ocean.
A body (alive).
An object.

You establish the rest.

Unknown Location

Every so often you meet someone.
Today I met Jesus (see below)
I'm not a religious man, but if Hollywood got one thing right in the whole warehouse library of films over the past however many decades, is the depiction of mr Christ.

We had a chat, he turned water into wine so I asked what he liked to drink from the hanging vino

"Cab Sauv, Shiraz?"
He replied, "bit of a Merlot fan"
I lost a little respect for him and moved onto the next topic. We talked for hours from my view - to him we simply talked.
Before leaving we agreed to do a project together which will extend over a long period of....... to tell a story through photographs.
A journey.

This pro j
ect will start soon so stay

The Mountains

The cold air begins to move in and as you drive out into the cool country air, the smell of fires spark up through the hills. The progressively deepening valleys offer pockets with treats of yet again colder air into your lungs. This time of the year is perfect. Warm days to sit and cool nights to share the same blanket with another warm body next to you. On top of all of that... Smoke from a fire.... in Autumn.

A Fire

The Creek

Isn't it a good feeling when you can find someone in your life who eliminates the things that don't matter and which you spend so much time braining about? Most people, whether they like to admit it, care what other people think of them to some gas hot plate degree. Pretend to be this or check the hair in a motionless puddle on the road... this isn't a new theory. Just like the reality of someone being in your life who changes so many things about your life is not a theory, it's the warm soft truth. When this person falls/jumps/leaps/climbs/appears/fights/swims/wrestles/casually walks their way into your life you become a little soft turkey, only to them, and you have a little world with them that no one else can enter or be part of, but you can both be part of the world that everyone else is in at the same time. The kids end of the pool sort of thinking stops, you do things for yourself, and your partner accepts everything you do and only offers advice and guidance for bettering your experiences. Forget the hair, wipe that Myer smudge off your good head, because at this point in life you can do things for you and realise life is not about pleasing others...don't get this confused with doing things for others.... I found my girl who makes me feel like jumping in the puddles so there is no clear reflection, who you can wake up and kiss and sit with, without needing to impress (if the urge bubbles for the need to impress, a couple of table tennis tournaments will do the trick).... It's the first time I'll speak using I in my blog because it is my feelings now and not an observation. This is her down at our creek in the mountains.

The Coast

What sort of brush do you use?
We live in a moment where memory creates time and thought creates future... don't worry this won't go into a philosophical exploration about life, instead it is a short observation, in words, about the link in most things expressive.
If you paint you pick a tool, a paint brush, pencil, anything, it is a form of art and it's subjective if you do it for peoples viewing. You can paint things you see and give a real interpretation of what you are painting, or you can put your spin or imagination on it 'manipulate' it, or simply get inspired and paint something that has a reaction but looks as though it has no connection. The point of this is to create a link from this form of art to photography. You have a choice, you photograph something and give a 'true' representation of what is being photographed, or you tweak it slightly (photoshop) to suggest how you want it to be viewed, how you feel it should be; or completely manipulate it to the point where what you photographed was purely inspiration for something else in your mind. It is often said that a photograph looks to fake, it doesn't look fake, it is simply different to the real as can be a painting. Photography is an art form, almost like anything else in life, it can all be..... you get where this is heading. If you don't like a piece of art, move on and forget it, find something you do like, or create something you like. There is not a lot of point saying how bad something is, it's often a form of jealousy or some equation close to that. Enjoyment is fulfilling.
The new tool that found it's way onto the camera for this week is a Tilt-Shift lens. No need to get into the technicalities of what that they are not completely necessary; instead it is a brush which opens another way of photographing...

The Mountains

Rain comes on a Sunday.
What a feeling to drive out into the mountains in a car, wipers on and your music playing as millions of drops fall onto your moving capsule. Get out of the car and breath the air, look around, take a photograph, pull a grin. Trying a little bit each day to not be a person who feels let down by the rain, as though it is taking something away from us, the rain is taking the sunshine and outdoor activities. The weather changes, so should your day. It will be a great feeling if you can be content with change. Pulling over on a small dirt road this tree was sitting by a creek, just growing...

Tasmania - Catch Up Game - MS Festival

After a few months of no blogs one has to ask if it is necessary to keep a blog... The answer is yes! Blogs are here for self expression in record form, whether that is for ones self or to share to others who like to look. This blog will be a record for any purpose and therefore does not focus on one given thing (thing - a thing). It is also a push... to update a blog on a regular basis provides a little encouragement by a couple of soft hands, sometimes rough garden leather fingers to constantly photograph and find beauty or more so, interest in anything around you. Imagine what you can do with 1 meter square of photographic potential. It's becoming to mystical now, so to jump to the point the following photographs were taken at the end of February at MS festival in Launceston, Tasmania. A good few notes played by a good few artists...

Peats Ridge Music Festival

Hidden in the leaves of the green trees which make up the valley known as Peats Ridge was a festival for new years. Most music festivals consist of a rowdy group of shirtless muscle gym guns getting a bit aggressive and distracting from the sound waves. Peats Ridge however is all about love, naked body paintings and great musical notes. Jinja Safari had the crowd on heels and toes screaming with only delight and excitement. If music is what you want in a woodford style festival, without the mud, try hit Peats Ridge at the end of e11even.

Falls Festival Lorne

Angus and Julia Stone

Down in 'the village' Paul did a secret show to an audience
of about 20 human beings and a few animals. Chances like
this are few and far between. It was beautiful.

Boy and Bear

The Middle East


Lady Hawke

Falls Festival Lorne

Down at falls festival in Lorne just before the new year, to see some incredible music from artists around the globe. This particular shot was chosen because straight after this photograph of the Jezabels, a woman with lots of AAA passes hanging off her (meaning probably the event manager or of equal status) approached my gangly body and requested information as to who I was shooting for.
Being a band photographer for one band does not give access to photographing others from great angles on stage. This is a tribute to the lady with the passes who got angry.


A time of year for just a lot of good food, people, and music... all the beautiful things in life. The movements over the next few days leading into two thousand and e11even, are just about flying to different festivals to capture some notes and photographs of inspiring people. Off the top of the memory bank are ColdWar Kids, Jinja Safari, Middle East, Angus and Julia, Boy and Bear ... The memory is a little empty at this point. Enjoy the cross over into the new year to 2 friends of this post and anyone else who has a glimpse. This photograph was on the headland of Fingal at a very late stage in the evening.


In such a short amount of time India had a lot to offer, for those of you who have been before know this is true and those that haven't, well you hear the stories and you know it's correct. The Taj Mahal is one of the great wonders of the world for a reason. Standing next to the structure and photographing it is an incredible, indescribable experience. The only thing that needs to be worked on whilst here, is the mental block of thousands and thousands of tourists that flock the grounds like bad runny gravy over chicken dinner. It is a difficult thing to tune out from all the peace signs being held up in front of little Pentax handheld shooters, or the hundreds of school kids asking to have their picture taken. Challenging it was to get photographs with no people in it, but this pick of the shots was because of the old man sitting in the shadows, watching this scene day after day. After all of this you can only accept that people visit places in the world for all types of reasons and you cant be bitter about it.


Stepping into India is like stepping into an old pair of shoes that have been sitting on a wooden shelf covered in spider webs, the potential for a spider to be there is high. You slip the shoes on and to your relief they're more then safe and extremely comforting... Is that a good analogy? Probably not. India, like all visitors to this place know, is a place that needs to be experienced. We can provide stories images and videos to people about this place, but it will always miss many aspects that cannot be recorded on any sort of technology, it has to be a personal experience. Only five days in and this place has shown so much love... well no need to explain. Just come and see it.


Singing in the morning in Singapore. Getting to the streets of Singapore before the sun rises and watching the light spread across the city and watching the people wake at a very comfortable pace. The feeling of leaving the western country behind and once again being in the warm tropics of Asia, creates a great sense of freedom. After 6 hours of walking the city and eating some local treats and making friends with taxi drivers it was time to go back to the airport and have a long massage and lounge for a few hours with food and music... Then the flight to India... That is to come... This tree by the way was one of the most beautiful areas of Singapore, the photograph was taken... well guess you need to visit Singapore to know.

Rad Adelaide

Rad Ad (as learnt from a beautiful local girl living elsewhere) is a place with plenty of little bits and tricks and a shit load of festivals all year around. This shoot began with a friend wondering into an open warehouse and was stopped suddenly by a young lad with a gun, gazing at her in what seemed like an unfriendly manner. Not the arrest me for fire arms sort of gun, instead the playful slug gun, powerful enough to rid the pigeons resting their feathers above, whilst their shit rested below. The young gentlemen then realised he had the gun and quick tried to hide the lanky long item behind his back before apologising. He turned out to be a very generous living human being who offered another empty warehouse, which hadn't been cleaned out yet of the poo droppers, for a click shoot. At the end of the day it was a warehouse shoot, but a shit load of fun.

The East Coast

Sometimes your mind goes on a little journey called Deep Thought. There is quick deep and long deep. A quick deep thought is, photographs are forever only in the past, you take the click and it is instantly in the past. A long version of this is how far do you go into thinking about photographs and what they really are, start with, the moment it was photographed, it sits on piece of paper or in the digital world, the moment has passed but you still have a visual record of the past, exactly how it was. That idea that you couldn't travel back in time may be tested here. Or you simply take photographs enjoy it as an enjoyment or an art form and leave it at that. This photograph was inspired by the idea of simply thinking it would look wicked to have ladders coming out of the ocean with a bunch of people climbing them. This idea can be expanded, which it will, in time to come. Deep thought can be fun sometimes.

Brisbane Confetti Boy

A little Canon competition that was running over the last few weeks. This brief was to photograph confetti in motion. Inspired by a friends thought, it was decided to dress a boy up in paper, thus transforming him into a confetti man. What happens to confetti men when they start to pick up speed as they near the edge of a big bomb drop hill...They start to lose their body, little confetti piece at a time. Thank Hugo for becoming confetti on wheels


One could write a list of all the things that went wrong with the sound setup at the GoodGod basement location. A list long enough to make Santa pull his whiskers out if you wrote to him in wish list form. However after the sound desk blowing up, not having enough inputs for all the instruments and doing a 4 hour sound check, every body on the floor were non-the-wiser of any of those troubles, nor should there be anymore thoughts...
Jinja Safari are beginning to really spread their roots to many peoples backyards and home dwellings in a movement that will only make people feel better about their days and nights.
If you haven't already caught a live show, keep a keen bean out for November tour dates and all the other dates that are emerging across the calendar. Treat yourself, bring a TimTam.